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About the Project

Balkan Disko is a fresh new fashion label that has quickly created a very loyal customer base, all sporting the distinctive Balkan Disko clothing range. We’d like to think it maybe partly because of the very stylish and advanced Balkan Disko E-commerce website that we built. But in reality it’s probably more down to how cool the gear is!

The site was built on the very powerful WordPress / WooCommerce platform which gave us a solid platform to develop the site onto. Of course the site is fully-responsive and integrates all of the social media platforms onto the site to create a very unique social section. The design also includes a variety of AJAX / Javascript effects which allows us to use a very minimalist design, with some very unique effects.

We were even given the opportunity to help out with the branding and some of the clothing, which overall made this a very fun and rewarding project.