Various Posters

Poster designs that Pulseight have done over the years


We created a variety of posters for one of the world’s most famous bars – Linekers. We designed a few bits for their Ibiza bar which is one of the busiest in San Antonio. These included event posters for the end-of-season parties in 2010, which was our first job in Ibiza. We also created a series of general posters promoting Linekers with reasons why to visit Linekers, our favourite was “Cocktails at Sunset”.


We did a variety of posters for the Specsavers PR department. “The world is our ormer” is a Guernsey-campaign to promote Specsavers with a clever play on the popular “The world is our oyster” phrase. We submerged and photographed the poster to create a really unique effect. We also created the poster for the “Spectacular Spectacular” ball which had a circus theme.

Return of Trance

“2011 The Return of Trance” wasn’t a commissioned piece but more of an experimentation of a style which later was adopted by our Judgement Sundays work. This poster was to promote the return of a specific genre to the world-famous Space Nightclub in Ibiza. With a custom font and space-style background it turned out to be a great looking poster and hence why we still have it in our portfolio today!


A UK based club promoter approached us to create a unique and interesting poster design for their new trance-event. With a cool 3D logo and explosion of colour the poster really starts to show the atmosphere of the party – which is pretty electric. Some of trance’s heavyweight DJs took to the decks which included Dave Pearce, Ben Nicky, Tristan D and Bart Coetzee.