Pulseight is not just a web design company. We also offer a huge array of supporting services to ensure that your campaign is consistent over all media.

Web Design

The bread-and-butter of every web design company. We are able to plan, design, build and market your website quickly and efficiently. With the latest technology including CSS3, HTML5, JQuery and PHP we can ensure your site is future-proof and highly accessible. See our extensive portfolio for examples of our web design.

Graphic Design

Our graphic designer has years of experience designing everything from simple business cards to large national advertising campaigns. Every job gets the same amount of passion and attention to get the best results. See our extensive portfolio for examples of our graphic design.

Branding / Logo Design

Potentially the most memorable and important part of your business image. Think Coca Cola, Apple and Nike – all of these companies have excellent branding. We can do everything from a simple logo for a part-time business to an extensive brand for a large multi-national company. See our extensive portfolio for examples of our branding and logo design.


So you’ve launched your new website after months of planning, but nothing happens. No orders, no bookings, no visitors. No one knows your website is there. We can help you plan for your launch and guide you through the jungle that is online marketing and bring you real results.

We’ll come up with a comprehensive plan that looks at your competitors and identifies your strengths and weaknesses. We’ll set realistic objectives, like 10 or 10,000 orders in your first month. We’ll come up with concise tactics to help you achieve this, suggesting budgets and likely return on investment (ROI). All of this will be reported to you on a regular basis to make sure your campaign stays on track and on budget.

Our marketing for your business can include small Facebook and Google PPC campaigns to large multi-national campaigns run for you using our network of trusted specialists.

E-Commerce Websites

Our e-commerce websites are built using Magento. The most powerful e-commerce software in the world that is owned by eBay. This gives your shopping site more features and support than you could ever imagine. The software can handle anything from a small gift shop to an enormous retail site. Using Magento we can provide you with a safe, secure site with regular updates that take advantage of the latest technology. We regularly test the system to ensure it runs perfectly on all browsers and mobile devices. Using Magento, we can produce a timely solution that’s better value than commissioning a bespoke solution. See our extensive portfolio for examples of our e-commerce websites.

Content Managed Websites

Our content managed websites are all controlled by the popular WordPress platform. This gives unrivaled search engine optimisation, features, security and the ability to expand. Using WordPress also enables us to build the site faster, more efficiently and more cost-effectively than commissioning a bespoke system. See our extensive portfolio for examples of our content managed websites.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Pulseight is the leading Channel Island SEO specialists. Our websites often out-perform established and market-leading websites down to our careful and expert search engine optimisation. It’s no surprise our websites enjoy tens of thousands of visitors through Google every single day.

Social Media

We love everything social and have earned a bit of a reputation for ourselves! We’re the best! there I’ve said it! As an agency working out of Guernsey we have handled Social Media Campaigns all around the world for HUGE names such as Tomorrowland, Lock & Load Events, Brighton Racecourse & of course MyIbiza.  Have a look at how we’ve helped some of our Clients

iPhone / Android Apps

Mobile browsers account for a huge percentage of internet traffic and it’s never been more important to make your website mobile-friendly. At Pulseight we always make sure our websites work on mobile devices and have even commissioned mobile-only websites for our clients.

Content Management

Having unique, interesting and current information on your website is very important. Not only for the end-user but also for SEO. We can write and manage content on your website to make your website a thriving source of information.

Accessible Websites

All of our websites are built to be accessible for everyone. We employ the latest features and protocols to ensure our websites are perfect for screen readers. We can also build a site to full AAAA compliance which gives the maximum level of compatibility for the visually-impaired.


All of our websites are hosted on our state-of-the-art managed servers. They enjoy extremely good performance and un-matched up time. The servers are very secure and maintained in some of the world’s best data centres. Yet, we’re still able to offer hosting at very competitive rates.